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"In Memory of STALINGRAD Flash Mob"
Get ready for the intternational FLASH MOB!

02.02.2018 - the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad.


Date: 01.02.2018 - 04.02.2018

Location: all countries of the world

STALINGRAD FOUNDATION invites you to take part in flashmob and express your gratitude to Stalingrad - the city that saved the world from Nazism!

We would like you to say the words "SPASIBO STALINGRAD!" (THANK YOU STALINGRAD!) in memory of the all fallen Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad on all continents and in all languages of the world.

Forms of participation in the flashmob.
Flashmob participants can
- record a video message (individual or group) with words of gratitude to Stalingrad (you can use posters of flashmob (suggested or proprietary) when Recording a video message;
- make selfi (photo or video, preferably with the poster of the project) against the background of a street sign or sign with the word "Stalingrad" (if it is in the toponymy of the city: France, Italy, Belgie…) (eg: selfi at «Stalingrad» metro station, Paris);
- sing a song or read a poem about Stalingrad;
- make a poster, drawing or collage;
- make a video, animation about Stalingrad;
- make graffiti about Stalingrad;
- organize a meeting, rally or march dedicated to Stalingrad;
- etc.
Suggest your option to participate in the flash mob!!!

Post your message (text, video, photos, etc.) about Stalingrad in the group оf the flash mob in Facebook

We hope for your support and participation in the flashmob "SPASIBO STALINGRAD!" "THANKS STALINGRAD!"